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School of Geography, University of Leeds

Final year geography undergraduates may complete a work placement in a school through the GEOG3250 Workplace Co-operative Project School Placement Option. This module is made possible through close collaboration with Leeds University Access Academy who seek appropriate school placements through a mail shot and meetings with local school teacher contacts, fund the student’s travelling expenses to the schools and undertake initial training and CRB clearance checks,

The first cohort of 12 students took part in 2002-3, 28 in 2003-4, and 27 in 04-05. Students undertake a minimum of 60 hours classroom observation and assistance as negotiated with their link teacher, and develop teaching materials for use by the collaborating school teaching staff.

All students created teaching materials, albeit at different standards and levels as appropriate to their classes and schools. Some students were allowed to teach these themselves and others watched the class teacher use them.

The teaching materials that the students produced are available here for adaptation and use by any teacher. These can be used freely but it would be appreciated if users would email Pauline Kneale to let us know they are being used so we can gauge the value of maintaining the site.

Caveat emptor applies, these materials were created by undergraduate geography students with no teacher training and have not been modified or moderated for quality. Some materials were produced as posters, laminated maps and in other medium and therefore not available here.

Since 2003-4 students are required to produce a teachers guide so that it is clear how the materials can be used and that this should include answers to question sheets where that is appropriate. Some students in 2002-3 did this but not all. Bearing this in mind you will appreciate some of the sites below are more complete than others. The materials created are (zipped word, powerpoint and avi files):

KS1 QCA Unit Around Our School
KS1 Making Our Local Environment Safer
KS1 QCA Unit 3 ‘An island home’
KS1 Around our School - The local environment, Burley, Leeds
KS1 QCA Unit 5 Barnaby Bear
KS1 QCA Unit 5 Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?
KS1 Reading resource in Handa's Hen
KS1 Various topics in Geography and London
KS1 Year 2 Going to the seaside
KS1 Year 1 Various
KS1 or KS2 Traffic calming, Beeston, Leeds
KS1 KS2 Weather and tree identification
KS2 Unit 8 Improving the Environment
KS2 Unit 10 A Village in India
KS2 Unit 14 Investigating Rivers
KS2 Villages module
KS2 Work & Trade in India
KS2 Tropical rainforest
KS2 Fairtade and shopping
KS2 Environmental Change and Sustainable Development
KS2 Investigating your local area, Weetwood, Leeds
KS2 Local Study Leeds
KS2 Passport to the World
KS2 QCA Unit 11 Water
KS2 Recycling and Gardening
KS2 Studying the School Environment
KS2 Unit 14 Investigating Rivers
KS2 Victorian History QCA Unit 12
KS2 Around our school
KS2 Rivers and Water Pollution Power Point introduction
KS2 Leeds City Centre Power Point introduction
KS2 QCA Unit 10 A Village in India
KS2 QCA Unit 19 Village Settlers
KS2 Unit 23 Investigating Coasts
KS2 Year 4 QCA Unit 10 Africa
KS2 Year 5 QCA Unit 13 A contrasting UK locality Leeds & Yorks Dales
KS2 Year 5 QCA Unit 12 & 19 Kirkstall Valley Project, leisure and work
KS2 Year 5 QCA Unit 12 & 20
KS3 Rainforests & Bangladesh
KS3 Unit 15 Crime Prevention in Schools
KS3 Year 9 Tourism Unit
KS3 Climate and Ecosystems
KS3 Italy
KS3 Kenya and Development
KS3 Rivers
KS3 Volcanoes
KS3 Year 7 - 9 Three In-school Fieldwork Activities
KS3 Year 7 & 9 Icebreaker activities and 4 lessons (various topics)
KS3 Year 7 Settlement
KS3 Year 7 Writing Newspaper Reports - hazards
KS3 Year 6 QCA Unit 13 Contrasting Localities Leeds Southport
KS3 Year 7 Introduction to Development
KS3 Year 9 QCA Unit 24 Passport to the World
KS3, KS4 Internet as a Geographical Resource for KS3, KS4 and Staff
KS4 Settlement and employment in Leeds

Year 1 PSHCE My world near and far
Year 5 Leeds City Centre
Year 7 Settlement
Year 7 Antarctica
Year 8 Bangladesh Floods & Year 9 Japan Case Study
Year 8 Italy
Year 9 Environmental Hazards and Disasters
Year 9 Spanish Tourism
Year 9 Glaciation
Year 9 Kenya
Year 9 Topics in Physical Geography
Year 13 - Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases

Post 16 Human & Social Hazards in Los Angeles
Post 16 International Migration ppt
Factors affecting Climate
GCSE Avery Hill Geog syllabus B Flooding
GCSE River Virtual Fieldtrip
Short walk field visit Leeds
A Level Coasts

This scheme was initiated through the Royal Geographical Society with Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG) ‘Geographers into Teaching’ project funded by the Teacher Training Agency (TTA) which was established in September 2000 to improve the recruitment of geographers into initial teacher training.

Geographers into Teaching aims to raise awareness of the importance of recruiting geographers of sufficient numbers and calibre into the teaching profession and encourages students (especially undergraduates) to experience teaching first hand.

Pauline Kneale is the School of Geography Teaching Liaison Officer (TLO). TLOs have been established by the RGS-IBG in approximately 75% of universities in the UK with a geography department. They act as a point of contact in HEIs for geography teaching initiatives and liaise with initial teacher training geography tutors, careers advisors and current and former students.

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