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Context has been established with the aim of promoting the use of case materials in higher education and employment. Case materials are designed to meet the needs of students for group working, decision making and experience of work. They are based as closely as possible on real work situations and issues (in business, government and the voluntary sector). Context cases aim to give students work experience without going to the workplace.

Context Case Studies have been developed and used in modules in the School of Geography and with many other groups.

Context Case Studies may be used by any academic with students in Higher Education. Download and adapt and enjoy. It is helpful for us to know when the cases are used, an email to letting me know you are using a case and any feedback, would be much appreciated.

For further information please contact:

Dr Pauline Kneale, School of Geography, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT
Dean for Learning and Teaching, National Teaching Fellow

Context - Managing a Career in Academia


This Context case looks at some of the issues for people aiming to develop a balanced career in academia. It is written for people intending to follow this career path, current PhD students, post-doctoral staff and staff in the early years of their careers in a University. It has been used in UK Graduate Schools, University staff development sessions with postgraduates and new staff, and in Careers workshops.

Context Case Materials

The pack also contains some support materials including 'A Letter to a New Academic' by Iain Hay.

The follow up Power Point 'Managing yourself, managing change, managing time' was developed following comments from participants.

Context - Enterprising Intrapreneurship Case Studies

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