A National Flood Warning
Strategy case study

School of Geography, University of Leeds

This case asks participants to propose a National Flood Warning Strategy for the UK and a supporting publicity campaign.

Information is given about current national policy and issues relating to the current understanding of the public of the present system. The outcomes may be delivered as a written press briefing with publicity documentation, or as a live, role-playing, press conference.

Suitable for students taking: Geography; Hydrology; Civil and Hydraulic Engineering; Environmental Science at Levels from Undergraduate year 2 to Masters. It has been used with groups of 5-7 in a class of 100 and as part of a CRAC graduate school.

Duration of Case: Presented as Part of GEOG2400 Urban Hydrology, students had two weeks to complete their press briefing. The case material notes were augmented by lectures in the module. In the CRAC graduate school it was run as a two hour discussion and decision making session, followed by the Press Briefing with CRAC tutors in the Press role.

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Updated Students Notes 06 and Updated Tutor Notes 06

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