Seatons case study

School of Geography, University of Leeds

The case is based on Seatons, a company in Yorkshire and shows how companies make decisions about pollution management and the Environment Agency's helpful role in finding ways to manage pollution issues profitably. (There are usually ways that companies can reduce emissions and at the same time improve direct costs.)

Students, working in groups of about six, review information about the company and a list of possible projects that the company might implement which may be more or less worthwhile. The make decisions about the timing of those projects that they judge worthy, with the aim of making effective use of engineering resources, whilst recognising cash flow and profit implications.

Suitable for students taking: Business and Management Studies; Chemical Engineering; Geography; Psychology; Environmental Science at Levels from Undergraduate year 1 to Masters

It has been used with group sizes of 5-7 in classes of 12 to 100, and could be used with larger groups. With classes over 50 feedback needs to be in smaller units.

Duration of Case: 3 hrs


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