Why Enterprising Intrapreneurship?

School of Geography, University of Leeds

Intrapreneurship is the art of working within an organisation to effect change, by developing new ideas, procedures or products, by innovating practice and thereby enhancing the business. This requires skills.

This project is creating a suite of Context case materials that encourage participants to be

The project is creating learning units that may be used by any staff and participants from school through FE and HE (UG to research level) and more widely in business and with the public. They are designed to encourage participants to be creative, to develop their innovation, negotiation, critical evaluation, self confidence and reflective skills through understanding how innovation is possible within businesses of all types. They give real insights into business problems that are topical and relevant.

The Enterprising Intrapreneurship cases are based on real work place issues in real companies. The web site also includes a 50 minute and 20 minute lecture to introduce ideas about intrapreneurship, a reading list to support further research, ice breaking and skills support information and suggested routes for use.

These Context cases aim is to develop participantsí awareness of intrapreneurship skills by researching recent, geographically relevant case examples and creating case studies around them that highlight skills as part of the process. While the initial audience is geography students nearly all the cases appeal to students in cognate disciplines and across faculties. It is our experience that these cases will give valuable transferable skills experience to students from all disciplines and that Careers Staff also find them valuable.

The project aims for 2003-5 are to:

Key skills that are incorporated in the cases include: team decision making and reporting, networking, creating presentations under pressure, coping with moving goalposts, understanding people.

One challenge we have is to find workplace partners.

Logo: White Rose The project has been funded by the White Rose Centre for Enterprise, part of the White Rose University Consortium, and through the National Teaching Fellowship Award to Pauline Kneale. Thanks are due to both for their generosity and co-operation. Logo: NTF

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