Flood forecasting template case study

School of Geography, University of Leeds

The River Lavant flooded Chichester in 1994. To avoid further flooding a series of flood relief schemes have been proposed. This case study outlines the flooding incident and the alternative flood relief schemes.

Students are not asked to select the optimal scheme, this is obvious. Instead they are asked to use the River Lavant information as background material to decide on a template of criteria against which any authority, having to select such a scheme, could objectively score different proposals. The template may be presented as a Management Report, Consultants report or as a poster.

It is worth noting that the format of this case could be used as a basis for creating a decision-making template for any hazard or planning issue.

Suitable for students taking: Business and Management Studies; Engineering; Geography; Environmental Science at Levels from Undergraduate year 1 to Masters. It has been used with group sizes of 5-7 in classes of 100.

Duration of Case: Presented as Part of GEOG2400 Urban Hydrology, students had two weeks to complete their reports. The case material notes were augmented by lectures in the module. In a masters course two weeks would be plenty. It could be run as a 3 hour case with graduates.

Templatestudentnotes99.zip and TemplateTutorsnotes99.doc

Lavant Template 06.doc and Lavant Tutor 06.doc

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