GEOG3150 - GIS, Geocomputation and Geoplanning - Semster 2

Seminar 1 - GIS and Geocomputation


The purpose of this seminar is to delve a little deeper into what 'simulation' and 'geocomputation' are, and to highlight the main differences between typical geocomputation and GIS approaches to exploring the world.


Before this seminar, there are two readings. To begin with, read the first half of Chapter 2 (pages 15-20, up to the 'Building the Model' section) in:

Gilbert, Nigel and Klaus G. Troitzsch (2005) Simulation for the Social Scientist. Open University Press

This chapter is avaiilable on the VLE here. Note: depending on your browser you will probably need to log in to the VLE before clicking on the link.

As you read the chapter, think about, and take notes on:

After reading Gilbert and Troitzsch, read the following single-page opinion piece in Nature:

Epstein, J.M., (2009) Modelling to contain pandemics. Nature 460, 687-687.

This is also available on the VLE. While reading the paper, think about the approach that Epstein has taken to modelling disease transmission, and the approach that you might have taken using a GIS.

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