Introduction to Semester 2

Geocomputation and Geographical Modelling

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What's happening in Semester 2?

Social simulation

A new set of techniques to complement GIS

Move from static models to more dynamic (changes through time)

E.g. infectious disease - how will flue spread through this lecture theatre?

Taught by very few universities (great for CV)

Focus on behaviour and the interactions of individuals.

Think SimCity...


Harland and Birkin (2013) Using Synthetically Generated Populations in Agent-Based Models. Paper presented at the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. Los Angeles, 2013.


Agent-based Crime Simulation

Disease Spread

The Global Scale Agent Model (GSAM)

New data

How it works...

Lectures, seminars and practicals

Real world applications: crime, urban modelling, etc.


30% Project

Two flavours: written or practical


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