GEOG3150 - GIS, Geocomputation and Geoplanning - Semster 2

NetLogo Practicals

Welcome to the NetLogo Practicals page. There are six practical classes in total, the first three provide an introduction to programming with NetLogo, and the remaining three take you through the development of a model of a crime in a music festival.

These have been developed for the GIS, Geocomputation and Geoplanning course, which is being taught by Nick Malleson and Alison Heppenstsall in the School of Geography, University of Leeds. For a brief introduction to NetLogo, you could refere to this lecture.

If you work through all of the practicals, you will have been introduced to most of the common NetLogo functions and should be ready to start building your own models.

The final 'festival' NetLogo model, created in practical 6.
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