GEOG3150 - GIS, Geocomputation and Geoplanning - Semster 2

Lecture 2 - Using NetLogo for Individual-Level Modelling


The lecture will cover:

Lecture slides

The lecture slides are available here.

For a printable version of the slides go here and then print normally (e.g. File -> print). Printing only works using Google Chrome. More instructions avaiable on the second slide.

In case you can't get it to print, here is a pdf.

Lecture Capture

The video recording of the lecture is available on the VLE.

Practical - NetLogo Basics

This practical goes over the concepts outlined in the lecture and demonstrates some of ways of interacting with NetLogo.

Practical 1 - NetLogo

Other resources

Cracking the Code

A BBC documentary about computer programming (much more interesting than it sounds!). It looks at some of the different uses of programming, and tools (largely aimed at children and young people) that use programming to do fun things.

Available on Box of Broadcasts.

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