GEOG3150 - GIS, Geocomputation and Geoplanning - Semster 2

Table of Contents

1. Creating the world
2. Buttons and Procedures
3. Sliders and Variables
4. Creating Turtles and Patches
5. Making the Model Go

Practical 2 - Your First NetLogo Model

In this practical, we'll bring everything you've learned together and build a new model from scratch. Lots of the content for this part has been adapted from directly from the official Netlogo tutorial: (part 3).

The model we will create is very simple. It will have some turtles in it (well, sheep actually) who will wander around aimlessly eating grass. Practical 3 will then extend the model to make it more interesting .

To start, move on to the first part: 1. creating the world.

The final model.
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