GEOG3150 - GIS, Geocomputation and Geoplanning - Semster 2

Policy on Lecture Capture

As part of your study on this module, all lectures will be recorded by the University. This recording is being conducted in accordance with the University's Policy on Audio or Video Recording for Educational Purposes. Please read the Policy for further background information relating to your rights.

The purpose of the recording is to support your study at the University. It will be accessible by students enrolled on the module through the University VLE and parts of some lectures will be made publicly available.

In accordance with the University's Policy on Intellectual Property Rights (see in general where staff or students make a recording, all rights in that recording (including rights in the sounds made) will belong to the University. The University seeks to respect student and staff rights to be acknowledged as authors and performers. Otherwise, to the extent allowed under the general law, any individual interests in the recordings are waived, allowing the University to act in effect as a custodian, to maximise educational objectives in the general interest of all.

If you have any concerns relating to the recording please contact the individual leading the educational activity, or the module leader. If you wish to opt-out of being recorded or wish to request that your contribution be edited please contact the individual leading the activity or the module leader in advance of the session (for opt-outs) or immediately after the session (for requests for edits). Please note that you may not opt out of recordings which form part of the assessment process on the module.

You may not record the above activities yourself without obtaining the consent of the individual leading the activity, unless you have permission from Disabled Students' Assessment and Support.

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