Programming for Geographical Information Analysis: Advanced Skills


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[Part 1: Data Processing]

Arc: Model Builder

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Lectures Practicals

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At this point, having covered Arc, you can choose to carry
on looking at data or engage with the freeform option, coming
back to do modelling.

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Arrow XML, SVG, & Java

[Part 2: Analysis]

Visualisation Arrow
Arrow JChart / Processing
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Arrow R, R & Java
Web scraping

[Part 3: Modelling]

End of freeform option; everyone back for this.

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Mop up
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About the course

The course is divided into three parts:


1: Data processing
2: Analysis
3: Modelling


However, part of the data processing and analysis sections can be swapped out for time to develop an interest in other technologies if you just want to cover ArcGIS and modelling.

Freeform section

Suggestions for things you might like to investigate include:


Python programming
Javascript programming
Android programming
Processing programming
Computer ethics
Linux admin


Anything else you care to arrange with us and we feel we can support.


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Some examples covered on the course

Jer Thorp's
Global twitter feeds

Nick Malleson's
Crime model

Paul Butler's
Facebook friends

Hazel Parry's
Parallel insect models