Data: Database connectivity
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In this part, we're going to move on from ArcGIS to look at databases: how we connect to them programmatically, and how we talk to them using SQL.

First, let's look at how we connect to a database programmatically. We'll look in general at this, then look more closely at examples using Java.

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Database Connectivity (powerpoint)

Further info:


Java databases overview

For info on JDBC, see this Oracle page.


Database JDBC drivers:



SQL Server

On using Excel and text as a database in Windows, see this KnowledgeBase article.

Once we're connected to our database, we can use SQL to query the database for data.

Further info:

Introductory SQL tutorials at w3Schools.

Useful list of SQL datatypes at w3Schools.


Case sensitivity in queries is a tricky issue. See these articles for more info:

Article by Kimberly Tripp and follow-on posts

Article by Steven Smith

Article (on Wayback) by Richard Doering

SQL (powerpoint)

Finally, we'll look at how we do this SQL querying, or equivalent, in Java.

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Java Queries (powerpoint)

Further info:


Getting started with JDBC


ResultSet Columns from a metadata call using the the java.sql API.


For those who want to write Excel files using Java, your best bet is actually POI (Tutorial).

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