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The NCeSS e-Infrastructure for the Social Sciences (NeSS) project was funded by ESRC (RES-149-25-1063) managed by the National Centre for e-Social Science (NCeSS). The project aimed to develop a national e-Infrastructure to support social science research. There were several attempts to develop the e-Infrastructure based on different technologies. The eventual NCeSS Portal based on Sakai existed in part in a server room at the University of Manchester. Following a fire and a lack of resources, coordination and will the entire platform died and along with it a huge investment in configuring workflows to access, integrate and process potentially sensitive data for applied social science research purposes on the UK National Grid Service. The e-Infrastrucutre stopped working in 2011 following a fire in a server room at the University of Manchester and was not re-established due to a lack of resources and coordination. Project start date: 2007-01-01. Project end date: 2009-12-31. An outline of the project on the Internet Archive WayBack Machine cache 2009-05-20.




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