Andy Turner

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Research officer since October 1997. Primary role is to develop research grant proposals, deliver research projects and write up results for publication. Fortunately, I've had a more success than failure in these endeavours, but I have experienced a significant amount of failure too! I maintain a list of externally funded research and consultancy projects with details of the projects I have been part of (and that I am allowed to inform the world about). A list of some of the publications I have (co)authored can be found via my ORCID.

In addition to research, I develop and deliver courses, tutor students, supervise student led research and moderate assessment on our Geographical Information Systems MSc and Geography BA programmes. I undertake scholarly peer review work. I am a member of the University of Leeds Business, Environment and Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee. I contribute to: openly developed Open Source Software (OSS) projects; Wikimedia projects; and various StackExchange Q&A communities.

I have collaborated with diverse academic and non-academic partners in research projects, and worked in international consortia to develop knowledge, good practice and open standards.

I am part a GeoInclusive Task Force in The School of Geography (SoG). My task force engagement focuses on providing functional diversity support for present and future staff, students and visitors, promoting cultural diversity in all that we are and all that we do, whilst also appreciating that a critical mass of researchers with shared interests is often wanted at close quarters to tackle some of the problems the world faces.

I am a member of the four SoG research clusters: Ecology and Global Change, River Basin Processes and Management, Social Justice, Cities, Citizenship and The Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy. I am a deputy director of The Centre for Computational Geography - an interdisciplinary University centre founded in 1992 and originally led by my friend and mentor Stan Openshaw. I am involved in establishing a local node of The UK Reproducibility Network with colleagues across the University reaching out to researchers in other nearby institutions.

My research interests include:

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I develop open code. Most of it using a recent version of the OpenJDK. I favour modularisation and the use of Maven for dependency management and deployment, JUnit for unit testing, NetBeans as an IDE, Git for version control, and an agile approach. I develop and maintain a set of bespoke Java libraries for: