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Welcome to the jump-off page for the programming courses run by the School of Geography, at the University of Leeds, UK. Most of the courses are run by members of the MASS Research Group, part of the Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy.


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Programming support

  • The MASS Research Group runs a weekly coding club to support beginners and experts alike. This is usually in the Common Ground Café downstairs in the University Union, 3-5.30 on a Friday, but email Andy to get on the weekly reminder mailing list. Bring a laptop (though we have a couple to borrow if you warn us).
  • Python Club: this meets weekly during term, usually noon on Fridays in MALL 1 downstairs in Maths, to discuss Python related oddities and issues. To get on the mailing list, email Rob Sturman.
  • Facebook group for students registered on these courses
  • The University also runs Software Carpentry courses every so often, mainly for PhD student and researchers. For more information on these, see the ARC Training pages.

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