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Packages that use TObjectIntHashMap
gnu.trove GNU Trove: High performance collections for Java. 
gnu.trove.decorator GNU Trove: Decorators for java.util.{Map,Set} compatability 

Uses of TObjectIntHashMap in gnu.trove

Constructors in gnu.trove with parameters of type TObjectIntHashMap
TObjectIntIterator(TObjectIntHashMap map)

Uses of TObjectIntHashMap in gnu.trove.decorator

Fields in gnu.trove.decorator declared as TObjectIntHashMap
protected  TObjectIntHashMap TObjectIntHashMapDecorator._map
          the wrapped primitive map

Constructors in gnu.trove.decorator with parameters of type TObjectIntHashMap
TObjectIntHashMapDecorator(TObjectIntHashMap map)
          Creates a wrapper that decorates the specified primitive map.

GNU Trove

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