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Yi-Min Chang Chien Yi-Min Chang Chien

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School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK



Project title

Using social media data to develop real-time augmentations to traditional land use mapping

Project overview

Earth Observation (EO) / Remote Sensing (RS) data have been utilized for providing synoptic data of events (fire, drought, flood, earthquake) in support of emergency planning. Albeit with the characteristics of being easily classified to identify core, affected areas, marginally affected areas are frequently missed due to the weakness of RS signal which lead to the underestimation of impacts by events.

Social media provides reliable and immediate information about the scale and spatial impact of those events and thus can be used as ancillary data to identify affected area in the case of the lack of EO/RS data.


To augment traditional analyses of Earth Observation / Remote Sensing data in support of emergency planning with social media data.

To refine the inherent nature of social media data (e.g. location sparsity, nonstructured content) and verify the quality of the social media data.

To investigate on what scale the social media data could be used as the complement of EO/RS data.


Research Affiliations

Centre for Spatial Analysis & Policy


Scholarship of Taiwan’s government

Short Curriculum Vitae


MSc in Geospatial Science: National Defense University, Taiwan

BSc in Surveying and Mapping: National Defense University, Taiwan