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Suad Al Manji Suad Al Manji

Contact details

School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK



Project title

Planning for community resilience during extreme weather events in Oman

Project overview

Natural disaster management has become an important area of research in the last few decades. This is because that the hazards make the affected countries vulnerable in many ways.

Oman is one such  country which is influenced by extreme weather events like cyclones. In 2007, it was hit by super cyclone Guno and about 100 people died. . At that  time the country lost around $ 4 billion dollars in economic and infrastructure damages.

Countries like Oman need to develop  resilience planning polices for  natural hazards in order to reduce future damage and costs.


This study aims to understand how Oman can become more resilient to weather hazards.

 The study questions:

1.How frequently is Oman affected by extreme weather events (Cyclones)?

2.How do the hazards affect the socio-economic infrastructure of Oman? What are the risks that people face?

3.What institutional organizations best support mitigation of the identified risks?

4.How can we increase people’s awareness of  risks? What kind of risks are people willing to accept?


Prof Jon Lovett

Dr Gordon Mitchell

Research Affiliations

Centre for Spatial Analysis & Policy


Sultanate of Oman Government

Conferences/training courses attended

  • Starting Your Research Degree
  • Search and Save MaPS/Environment
  • Working with Literature MaPS and Environment
  • Preparing for Your Transfer Environment
  • Introduction to Risk Assessment Level
  • Introduction to Risk Assessment Level 2
  • Word for Thesis & Long Documents
  • Excel for Research ‘Fundamentals’
  • SPSS for Beginners
  • Workshop in GIS
  • Workshop in R- spatial analysis
  • Library course : Search and Save: Information Searching for PhD Students from the Faculties of MaPS/Environment only
  • Library course : Effective presentations
  • Library course: Speaking in public
  • Library course: Reading fast reading more
  • Library course: An Introduction to Effective Research Writing
  • Workshop at the University of Sheffield on Advanced Quantitative Methods, like Anova.




  • MSc in Geography (Urban Climate) from Sultan Qaboos University (May 2011)
  • Diploma in Education form Sultan Qaboos University (May 2006)
  • Bachelor degree in Art and Social Science from Sultan Qaboos University ( May 2005)

Work experience

  1. Geography teacher from Sep 2006  - Aug2008
  2. GIS tech in School Mapping department in ministry of education (Aug2008 – Apr2013) . My work in this department was to help the planner in the ministry to find the best location for schools by using the GIS spatial analysis.