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Rui Yu Rui Yu

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Room Miall 10.18
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK



Agent Based Modelling of Rangeland Grazing

 Project overview

Rangeland grazing is a complex system involving interactions between ecological and socio-economic as well as environmental components. Agent based modelling is a bottom-up computational quantitative tool that dealing with heterogeneity, learning and adaptation, evolution and interaction features of agents, which is an effective tool for exploring rangeland grazing complexities. For the Agent Based Model of Rangeland Grazing (ABMRG) presented in this thesis, the interactions between human and rangeland resources have the nature of an individual based system, which can be affected by the different decision-making practices of individual resource users.


Research Affiliations


School of Geography full fee scholarship & Chinese Scholarships Council


  • BSc in Geographic Information System: Hubei University, China
  • MSc in Geographic Information System: Hubei University, China