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Richard Grayson Dr Richard Grayson

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Room 10.06 Garstang
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 38486

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Work in progress

  • iCASP NFM monitoring and modelling project - Supporting the Yorkshire NFM pilots to deliver evidence and guidance that will influence national implementation and financing of NFM 
    March 2018 - ongoing
  • SoilBioHedge - harnessing hedgerow soil biodiversity for restoration of arable soil quality and resilience to climatic extremes and land use changes 
    April 2015 - December 2018
  • Water quality response to upland land management 
    Yorkshire Water
    December 2011 - ongoing
  • Monitoring at Stean Moor restoration site 
    Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water and Natural England
    November 2009 - ongoing
  • The role of in-situ UV-VIS spectrophotometers to continually measure and characterise DOC 
    June 2009 – ongoing
  • Colour risk mapping of the Esk and Leighton/Roundhill catchments.
    Yorkshire Water
    July 2013
  • Baseline erosion survey of an actively eroding upland peat using terrestrial laser scanning 
    Peatscapes, North Pennines AONB 
    October 2010 - April 2011
  • Colour risk mapping of the Nidderdale Catchment.
    Nidderdale AONB
    October 2009
  • Monitoring hydrological recovery at Winscar 
    Yorkshire Water
    March 2006 - December 2010
  • Catchment management for reduction of dissolved organic carbon in water supplies
    Yorkshire Water
    December 2007 - August 2010
  • Identification of nitrate sources into River Hull Catchment
    Yorkshire Water.
    December 2007 - February 2009
  • Improving nutrient management in the Ingbirchworth catchment NVZ and beyond  
    Defra and Yorkshire Water.
    Collaboration with the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group and the Environment Agency/Sheffield University Catchment Science Centre 
    September 2006 - September 2009
  • Impacts of agricultural land management on pollutant and sediemnt delivery to surface waters. The role of GIS and multi-criteria evaluation (MCE) to identify agricultural land management practices causing surface water pollution
    Yorkshire Water
    Collaboration with the National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI), Cranfield University. 
    April 2007 - March 2008
  • Determination of the scale and source of sediment delivery to Hewenden reservoir
    Yorkshire Water
    June - November 2007