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Pippa Chapman Prof Pippa Chapman

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Room 10.34 Garstang
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 36837

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Work in progress

Previous Projects

  • EU framework 5, 2002-2005. Evaluation and improvement of water quality models for application at temporary waters in South European catchments (TEMPQSIM). 3.5 million Euros (£150 000 to U Leeds) – Work package leader.
  • RELU Scoping Study, 2004-2005. Sustainable Upland Management for Multiple Benefits. Co-investigator £50 000.
  • Defra. Vulnerability of organic soils in England and Wales. Feb-April 2006. £25, 000. Co-investigator.
  • NERC, Application of catchment-scale data to the quantification of soluble organic and inorganic nitrogen fluxes within and from UK upland soils' (2000-2003) Grant with Prof M. Cresser (University of York) and Dr T. Edwards (Macaulay Land Use Research Institute)
  • Human waste and water management in National Parks (1999-2003) PhD research by Kyoko Fukasawa, co-supervised by Prof Adrian McDonald
  • Application of Catchment Scale Data to the Quantification of Soluble Organic-and Inorganic-N Fluxes within and from UK Upland Soils (2000-2003) NERC GANE Grant with Prof Malcolm Cresser (York U.) and Dr A. Edwards (MLURI)
  • The significance of organic forms of nutrients and the influence of in-stream processes on total nitrogen and phosphorus losses from upland ecosystems (1996-1999) NERC postdoctoral fellowship


  • NERC, 2006-2009. Influence of recovery from acidification on the mobility of dissolved organic carbon. Principle Investigator. £330, 000
  • RELU, 2006-2009. Sustainable Upland Management for Multiple BenefitsCo-investigator. £750, 000.
  • Yorkshire Water, May 2006-2007. £13700. Re-sampling of water colour in Upper Nidderdale.
  • NERC, 2007-2010. The role of pipes in carbon export from peatlands.£387303 (SoG component is £297683) Co- investigator.
  • Yorkshire Water, Grip blocking in upland catchments, £5,052.80
  • NERC, June 2006-June 2009. Tropical Biomes in Transition, £96,607.17