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John Stillwell Prof John Stillwell

Contact details

Room Manton 10.115
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 33315

Student hours:

Work in progress

Current projects

  • UK Data Service-Census Support - ESRC funded (including editing book on 2011 Census)
  • IMAGE (Internal MIgration Around the GlobE) - ARC funded (including development of the IMAGE Studio with Kostas Daras)
  • Changing patterns of commuting behaviour - with Tom Murphy and Lisa Buckner
  • Temporal trends in migration propensities and patterns - for book edited by Tony Champion, Tom Cooke and Ian Shuttleworth
  • Sclae and zonation effects on migration in the UK - with Stephane Chatagnier, Nik Lomax and Paul Norman

Previous projects

  • Using Acxiom data for modellingmigration - with Michael Thomas (Groningen) and Myles Gould
  • Planning Support Systems and Smart Cities: Book for CUPUM Confreence 2015 with Stan Geertman, Joe Ferreira and Rob Goodspeed
  • Planning Support Systems and Sux=stainable Cities: Book for CUPUM Conference 2013 with Stan Geertman and Fred Toppen (Utrecht)
  • CIDER: Centre for Interaction Data Estimation and Research ESRC funded - with Oliver Duke-Williams
  • The Provision and Development of a Census Interaction Data Service (CIDS) ESRC project with Oliver Duke-Williams (Leeds), Paul Boyle, and Zhiqiang Feng (St Andrews) (2001-2006)
  • Projection and scenario making for internal migration: models, methods and empirical applications Project with Nicole van de Gaag and Leo van Wissen (NIDI)
  • LIKNET: Leeds Initiative Knowledge Network and ‘Twenty-first Century Leeds' - Book with Rachael Unsworth (Leeds)
  • MicroMaPPAS: Micro-simulation modelling and predictive policy analysis system for Leeds Project with Dimitris Ballas (Sheffield) and Richard Kingston (Manchester) for Leeds City Council
  • Spatial effects of demographic trends and migration ESPON project with Phil Rees (Leeds) and others
  • Past and future interregional migration trends and patterns within EU countries: in search of a generally applicable explanatory model Project with Phil Rees (Leeds), Marek Kupiszewski (Warsaw) and NIDI for EUROSTAT
  • Applied GIS and spatial modelling - Book with Graham Clarke (Leeds)
  • Land use simulation for Europe - Book with Henk Scholten (Amsterdam)
  • Internal migration and population dynamics in Spain ESRC project with Arlinda Garcia Coll (Barcelona)
  • North Yorkshire in the twentieth century For Atlas of North Yorkshire with Robin Butlin (Leeds)
  • Migration in Australia and Britain: levels and trends in an age-period-cohort framework ESRC-ARC project with Phil Rees, Paul Boyle and Oliver Duke-Williams (Leeds) and Martin Bell, Graham Hugo and Marcus Blake (Adelaide)


  • Stillwell, J., Duke-Willimas, O., Hayes, J., Reid, J. and Wathan, J. (1 August 2012-31 July2017) UK Data Service-Census Support.  ESRC
  • Bell, M., Stillwell, J., Kupiszewski, M. and Zhu, Y. (2013-2016) Internal Migrtaion Across the GlobeE (IMAGE). Australian Research Council (ARC)
  • Journey to learn: geographical mobility and education provision ESRC CASE award commencing in October 2005
  • Stillwell, J. C. H and Duke Williams, O (August 06-July 11) Centre for Interaction Data Estimation and Research (CIDER) ESRC RES-348-25-0005
  • Stillwell, J.C.H (Nov 05 - Oct 09) Co-ordination of Understanding Population trends and processes (UPTAP) ESRC RES-16303401001
  • Stillwell J.C. H (June 07 - Jul 08) migration of Britain's ethnic groups with Sarena Hussain

Previous grants

  • Stillwell, J., Boyle, P. and Duke-Williams, O. (February 2000 to 31 January 2001) 'Web-based Interface to Census Interaction Data (WICID)', ESRC Award H507255162, University of Leeds Account 442370
  • Boyle, P., Stillwell, J. and Turton, I. (January 2000 to 31 December 2000) 'Integrating 1981, 1991 and 2001 Census Interaction Data
  • Stillwell, J. 'A Pilot Flexible Census Output System', ESRC Award
  • Rees, P. Stillwell, J. and Boyle, P. 'Migration in Australia and Britain: levels and trends in an age-period-cohort framework', ESRC.
  • Stillwell, J. 'Schools performance in Yorkshire and Humberside' Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Rees, P. and Stillwell, J. 'Regional international migration and interregional migration within the European Union: A Feasibility Study, European Commission'
  • Stillwell, J. 'Deprivation-weighted regional population index to Support RSPCA resources planning', RSPCA.

Future research

  • Analysis of migration time series data in the UK (with Nik Lomax)
  • Analysis of mobility using Zoopla data (with Martin Clarke and Nik Lomax)