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Sara Gonzalez Dr Sara Gonzalez

Contact details

Room Level 10 , Irene Manton Building, Room 105
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 36639

Student hours:
Mondays 2-4; weds 12-12. Just turn up. Note that I work part time. Friday is my day off

Research overview

I am interested in how our cities are becoming spaces for the expansion of neoliberalism and how ideas and policies of neoliberal urbanism emerge, travel and mutate at different spatial scales. Increasingly I am also focusing on resistance to these processes by social movements and community groups. I have so far mainly concentrated in international research comparing different European cities but I am looking forward to expanding this geographical focus. Currently I am involved in research looking at the impact of the global financial crisis in European cities, the potential gentrification of traditional retail Markets in the UK and abroad and contested spatialities of urban neoliberalism in UK, Spain and Latin America.

PhD Supervision

I welcome PhD applications in the following areas:

  • Neoliberal urban policies in cities around the world
  • Policy mobilities
  • Urban resistance and social movements
  • The global financial crisis and its impact on communities, cities and regions, urban and regional policy
  • Retail gentrification and traditional retail markets (indoor or street markets)


Recent selected conference presentations

  • Ribera-Fumaz, R., Rossi, U., GONZALEZ, S. and Oosterlynck, S. (2012) “The moving map of the global financial crisis: a comparative analysis of four European cities”, American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, New York, 24-28TH February
  • Oosterlynck and GONZALEZ (2011) ““Don’t waste a crisis‟: opening up the city yet again for neoliberal experimentation”, 6th International Conference of Critical Geography, Frankfurt, 16th-20th August
  • Ribera- Fumaz, R., GONZALEZ, S. , Oosterlynck, S. and Rossi, U. (2010) “Understanding the varieties of urban capitalism, RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, London, 28th August-2nd September.
  • Oosterlynck, S. and GONZALEZ, S. (2011) “The financial-economic crisis and variegated urban neoliberalization: a cultural political economy approach”, American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, Seattle, 12-16th March
  • Rossi, U and GONZALEZ, S. (2008) “Energetic’ tools of urban and regional governance at the margins of Europe: city-regions and strategic planning processes in Northern England and Southern Italy” RGS-IBG, Annual International Conference, 27-29 August, London.
  • GONZALEZ (2008) “State representations of Spatial justice. A comparison of territorial policies in Northern England and the Mezzogiorno” International Conference on Spatial Justice and Injustice, University of Paris X, Nanterre, March 12-14


Seminars / invited talks/ panels

  • GONZALEZ, s. (2012) “Making links: activism, organising and research”, ‘In, against, and beyond neoliberal crisis: strategy and solidarity’ Conference, Glasgow, 21st-23rd March Glasgow.
  • GONZALEZ, S. (2007) “Urbanismo neoliberal en las ciudades Europeas”, Spanish Annual Congress of Sociology, Invited keynote at the Urban Sociology session, Barcelona, 13-15 September
  • GONZALEZ, S. “Neoliberal eurbanism”, APL seminars, University of Newcastle, 16th of May 2007
  • GONZALEZ, S. “La costruzione sociopolitica di un’area metropolitana”, University of Roma 3, 7th of May, 2007GONZALEZ, S “Research: Planning and evaluation for economic and cultural development” Funding culture in Europe: public and private partnerships, La Rencontre de Sevilla 8-11 March 2007
  • GONZALEZ, S. “Representations of the “regional problem” in Italy and England: Northern England and the Mezzogiorno” Research Seminars, Italian Deparment, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Leeds, 7th March, 2007
  • GONZALEZ, SARA “The Northern Way and the city regions”, Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster University, 8th May, 2006
  • GONZALEZ, SARA “Narrazione escalare a milano e Bilbao”, Complot System workshop, Facoltà di Architettura Roma 3, Rome, 31st October 2005
  • GONZALEZ, SARA “Modelos de desarrollo”, in La invención de las ciudades. First European conference on Culture and City, Córdoba (Spain), 23th June, 2005