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Robert Pheasant Dr Robert Pheasant

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Room 10.09 Garstang
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 33330

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Research overview

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  • Rob Pheasant, Greg Watts and Amir Khan (2017). Investigation into the annoyance of cattle grid noise. Proceedings ICSV24, London, July 2017.
  • Rob Pheasant and Greg watts (2015). The perceptive process of defining context and coherence within landscape characterisation. Proceedings of ICSV22, Florence, July 2015.
  • Greg Watts, Amir Khan and Rob Pheasant (2014). Influence of soundscape and interior design on anxiety and perceived tranquillity in a healthcare setting. CD-ROM, Proceedings of Inter-noise 2014, Melbourne, October 2014.
  • Watts G. R. and Pheasant R (2014) Factors associated with tranquillity in the Scottish Highlands and Dartmoor National Park. Proceedings of Institute of Acoustics Annual Conference 2014, NEC, Birmingham.
  • Pheasant Robert, Watts Greg, and Horoshenkov Kirill (2013) Examining the role of audio-visual interaction in the characterisation of perceived wildness and tranquillity in valued open spaces. CD-ROM Proceedings of Inter-noise 2013, Innsbruck
  • G. R., Miah. A and Pheasant. R. (2011). Tranquillity survey in city parks. CD-ROM Proceedings of Inter-noise 2011, Osaka
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  • R. J. Pheasant, G. R. Watts, K. V. Horoshenkov. (2009). The role of audio-visual interaction on the perception of tranquillity. CD-ROM, Proceedings of Euronoise 2009, Edinburgh, October 26th 2009
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