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Prof Martin Tillotson Prof Martin Tillotson

Contact details

Room 4.07, School of Civil Engineering
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 32295

Office hours:

Research overview

Research students:

  • Asif, Z; Recovery of nutrients and energy from municipal wastewater using a sustainable approach for urban areas, (principal supervisor, provisional Ph.D. candidate 2012 - ongoing).
  • Ansari, I; Development of algal photo-bioreactor for large-scale algal biomass production, (co-supervisor, provisional Ph.D. candidate 2012 - ongoing).
  • Khorasani, A; Sustainable Resource and Waste Management in the UK and Iran, (principal supervisor, provisional Ph.D. candidate 2012 - ongoing).
  • Kasim, Z; Macronutrient cycles and their implications on algal blooms (co-supervisor, provisional Ph.D. candidate, 2012 - ongoing).
  • Puttrell, C; Future scenarios for the UK water distribution network (co-supervisor, M.Sc. candidate, 2011 - ongoing).
  • DesMet, S; Dilution of pollution incidents with reservoir releases (co-supervisor, transferred Ph.D. candidate, 2011 - ongoing).
  • Gillespie, B; Options for reservoir operations to meet EU Water Framework Directive good ecological potential in regulated rivers (co-supervisor, transferred Ph.D. candidate, 2011 -ongoing).
  • Hedayat, R; Developing an infrastructure vulnerability assessment model, (co-supervisor, transferred Ph.D. candidate, 2010 - ongoing).

Esteem and peer review activity

  • Water Security Feasibility and Collaborative R&D Call, TSB Assessor (2012),
  • Water Quality 2012 (Hangzhou, China) Organizing Committee member,
  • Proceedings of the ICE- Water Management Editorial Advisory Panel member (2011 - Present),
  • UK Research Excellence Framework 2014 (REF2014): Main Panel B, Sub-Panel 14, Civil & Construction Engineering panel member (2011 - Present),
  • EPSRC Large Scale Solutions for Water Scarcity; Sandpit Mentor (2010),
  • NERC Environmental Virtual Observatory PEB member (2010 - Present),
  • ACQUEAU Scientific Committee member (2010 - Present),
  • TSB Water Industry Innovation Platform Workshop, organizer, 2009,
  • EPSRC Process Engineering & Sustainability Strategic Advisory Team member, re-invited 2009 (2006 - 2011),
  • EPSRC Peer Review College, re-invited 2010 (2005 - Present).


Poster and Media Communications:

  • Combining UK Water Research with Policy Needs; Tillotson, Holden, Slack, RCUK Water Research Showcase, London, March 2012.
  • Air pollution, dwarf elephants and water footprints; Tillotson, NERC Planet Earth - Podcast, March 2012.

Conference Presentations:

  • Water Footprinting in the UK; Tillotson, Water in a Changing World: A Comparison of Midwest and European Approaches, Champaign, Illinois, April 2012.
  • Stepping into Water Crisis: analysing the driving forces of China's water resources exhaustion; Guan and Tillotson, Water Quality 2012, Hangzhou, China, September 2012 (accepted).
  • An Integrated Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment Model: A Holistic View; Hedayat, Moodley, Tillotson and Wright, 1st International Conference for Urban Sustainability & Resilience, November 2012 (accepted).