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Gordon Mitchell Dr Gordon Mitchell

Contact details

Room Miall Building Room 101.5
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 36721

Student hours:
I have an open door policy, so all hours are available; however you are strongly encouraged to email

Research overview

Dr Gordon Mitchell (C.Env, MIEMA) has research interests in environmental planning, environmental assessment (particularly tools to support SEA/ sustainability appraisal) and natural resource management. Recent projects have addressed diffuse pollution screening for sustainable urban drainage systems, multi-criteria appraisal of urban growth plans, industrial water demand forecasting, air quality responses to urban road user charging, and analysis of the social distribution of environmental risk in the UK.

Research Interests

  • Sustainable Cities
  • Urban diffuse pollution
  • Non-domestic water demand forecasting
  • Environmental assessment of transport networks
  • Environmental justice assessment
  • Sustainability indicators
  • Review work

PhD Supervision

  • Environmental and sustainability impact appraisal (any method or context)
  • Urban and regional planning, design and management for sustainability
  • Natural resource and environmental management, including but not limited to water resources, diffuse urban water pollution, energy and emissions, green technology and ecosystem services
  • Environmental justice.

Research Students

  • Alice Owen. Green technology diffusion and adoption.
  • Faith Chan (with Adrian McDonald). Sustainability Appraisal of flood risk management strategies: the case of the Pearl River Delta, China.
  • Olalaken Adekola (with Alan Grainger) Valuation of wetland ecosystems in Nigeria
  • Paula Micou (with Adrian McDonald) Strategies to meet water demand targets of Code for Sustainable building
  • Jing Ma (with Alison Heppenstall). Microsimulation of personal travel carbon emission in Beijing in response to urban design
  • Baoyin Liu (with Yim Ling, SEE)  Developing a multi-hazard risk appraisal model with reference to the Yangtze river delta, China.
  • Eran Sadek, (with Linda See) Microsimulation of Domestic Water Demand incorporating expressed behaviour (Awarded 2012)



  • Liu, B., Siu, Y L., Mitchell, G., Xu, W. (2012) Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment: A Comparative Evaluation of Alternative Approaches. From surprise to rationality: Managing unprecedented large-scale disasters. Third Conference of the International Society for Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRiM), Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, Sept. 7-9.
  • FKS Chan, Mitchell, G  and McDonald, A.  (2012) Flood risk appraisal and management in mega-cities: A case study of practice in the Pearl River Delta, China. International Water Association World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy, May 13-18, Dublin.
  • Micou, A P, Mitchell, G., McDonald, A (2011) Sustainable Homes: A methodology for assessing influence on regional water demand. Sixth IWA Specialist Conference on Efficient Use and Management of Water, Water Demand Management: Challenges & Opportunities, Amman, Jordon, March 29 - April 2, 2011
  • Namdeo, A., Goodman, P., Mitchell, G and Hargreaves, T. (2011)  Quantifying the Future Transport-related Air Quality Impacts of Land Policies for Cambridge, UK. Transportation Research Board conference on Transportation Planning, Land Use, and Air Quality, San Antonio, Texas, USA, May 9-10th 2011.
  • Chan, F.K.S., McDonald, A.T., and Mitchell, G. (2010) Sustainable flood risk assessment and management: comparative case studies between the Pearl River Delta and the UK. In: Kin-Chung (Ed.) Proceedings of International Conference on Water Resources and Water Quality: Forum on Water Resource Management and water Quality Management in Pearl River Delta. Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China. 13 - 18 December, 2010. 13pp
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  • Namdeo, A. Mitchell, G. and Hargreaves, A.J. (2010) Carbon impacts of land use and transport policies in the London and South East Region (LASER) of UK. Urban Futures for a Sustainable World: 10th Urban Environment Symposium, Gothenburg, Sweden 9-11 June 2010, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Mitchell, G. (2009). Sustainability Appraisal of Development Plans: Experiences from the UK, Beijing Symposium on city region perspectives, University of Tsinghua, Beijing, 04-05 Nov 2009
  • Mitchell, G. (2009) Sustainability of urban form futures: evidence from two contrasting urban regions. Invited talk to the Department for Transport, Great Minster House, London, 2nd October 2009.
  • Crabree, B; Squibbs, G; Mitchell, G. and Ellor, B.  (2010) From Urban Point Source Control to Diffuse Pollution Reduction Measures - A River Basin Case Study of  Urban Wet Weather Discharge Control Strategies for the Water Framework Directive. Novatech 2010 - 7th International Conference on Sustainable Techniques and Strategies for Urban Water Management, Lyons, 29 June-1 July 2010
  • Thorpe, N.; Hargreaves, A.J.; Mitchell, G.; Namdeo, A.K.; Wright, S.D.; Brake, J.F.; Nelson, J.D. (2009) Spatial Development and the Sustainability of Urban Areas.   Proceedings of the 14th Hong Kong Society for Transport Studies (HKSTS) International Conference on Transportation and Geography Vol. 2 Session E5 p981-990 In (Eds.) Wang, D. and Li, S. Hong Kong (December 10th-12th) ISBN 978-98847-7-2
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  • Chapman, P.J., McDonald, A.T., Tyson, R., Mitchell, G and Palmer S.M. (2009) Changes in water colour between 1986 and 2006 in the How Stean intakes to Scar House Reservoir, North Yorkshire.  British Soil Science Society Spring Conference; Predicting the future for highly organic soils, 5-7 May, Edinburgh.
  • Sadek E M, See L, Nawaz, R and Mitchell, G (2009) Estimating domestic water demand using a scenario-based spatial micro-simulation approach.  17th GIS Research UK (GISRUK) conference, University of Durham, April 1-3rd 2009.
  • Mitchell, G and Namdeo, A. (2008) Sustainability appraisal of urban development scenarios to 2031: The case of London and the Greater South East Region. Presentation to the SOLUTIONS annual conference, UCL, June 21st 2008. 
  • Mitchell, G. (2008) Environmental forecasting for sustainable development. Invited presentation to the ESRC Research Methods Festival, St Catherines College, Oxford University. July 2-4th, 2008.
  • Crabtree, B., Kelly, S. Green, H., Mitchell, G. and Squibbs, G. (2008). Water Framework Directive Catchment Planning – A Case Study Apportioning Loads and Assessing Environmental Benefits of Programmes of Measures. IWA 11th International Specialist Conference on Watershed And River Basin Management, 4-5 September 2008, Budapest, Hungary
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