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Room 10.18 Manton
School of Geography
University of Leeds
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+44 07510950802


English Papers (peer-reviewed)

  • Weidong Liu, Michael Dunford, Zhouying Song & Mingxing Chen (2016). Urban–rural integration drives regional economic growth in Chongqing, Western China, Area Development and Policy, 1:1, 132-154.
  • CHEN Mingxing, GONG Yinghua, LI Yang, LU Dadao, ZHANG Hua*(2016). Population distribution and urbanization on both sides of the Hu Huanyong Line: Answering the Premier’s question. Geogr. Sci. 2016, 26(11): 1593-1610.
  • T Song, J Cai, Z Yang, M Chen, J Lin. (2016)Urban metabolic efficiencies and elasticities of Chinese cities. Chinese Geographical Science, 1-16.
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  • Chen Mingxing, Lu Dadao, Liu Weidong. (2015) Challenges and the way forward in China’s new-type urbanization. Land Use Policy, 55:334–339.
  • Chen Mingxing, Zhang Weizhong, Lu Dadao (2015) Examining spatial pattern and location choice of affordable housing in Beijing, China: Developing a workable assessment framework. Urban Studies, 52(10):1846-1863.
  • Chen Mingxing, Tang Zhipeng, Bai Yongping, Zhang Xiaoping *. Relational pattern of urbanization and economic development: Parameter re-evaluation of the Chenery model. Journal of Geographical Sciences,2015,25(8):991-1002.
  • Chao Ye, Ruishan Chen, Mingxing Chen. The Impacts of Chinese Nian Culture on Air Pollution. Journal of Cleaner Production,2015, 2015.04.113.
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  • Chen Mingxing, Ye Chao (2014) Differences in Pattern and Driving Forces between Urban and Rural Settlements in the Coastal Region of Ningbo, China. Sustainability 6: 1848-1867.
  • Chen Mingxing, Huang Yongbin, Tang Zhipeng, Lu Ddadao, Liu Hui. (2014) The provincial pattern of the relationship between urbanization and economic development in China. Journal of Geographical Sciences 24: 33-45.
  • Chen Mingxing, Ye Chao, Zhou Yi (2014) Comments on Mulligan’s “Revisiting the urbanization curve”. Cities.41:s54-s56.
  • Ye Chao, Chen Mingxing*, Chen Ruishan, Guo Zhiwei (2014) Multi-scalar separations: Land use and production of space in Xianlin, a university town in Nanjing, China. Habitat International 42: 264-272.
  • Liu Chunla, Chen Mingxing, Tang Zhipeng, Liu Weidong, Lu Dadao, Zhang Yifeng.(2014) The “valley economy” model of regional development: A case study of mountain areas in Beijing, Northern China. Journal of Mountain Science,11(5):1372-1382.
  • Chen Mingxing, Liu Weidong, Tao Xiaoli (2013) Evolution and assessment on China's urbanization 1960–2010: Under-urbanization or over-urbanization? Habitat International 38: 25-33.
  • Chen Mingxing, Lu Dadao, Zha Liangsong (2010) The comprehensive evaluation of China’s urbanization and effects on resources and environment. Journal of Geographical Sciences 20: 17-30.
  • Chen Mingxing, Fu Chengwei (2009) Urbanization in China Based on International Comparison: A Discussion with Two Prevalent Views. Chinese Journal of Population Resources and Environment 7: 32-38.
  • Ye Chao, Cao Zhidong, Chen Mingxing (2008) An empirical research of urbanization and urbanrural gap in, China: 1952-2005. Ecological Economy,4:403-409.


Chinese Papers (in Chinese, with English abstract)

  • CHEN Mingxing, LONG Hualou, WANG Chengjin, HUANG Jinchuan(2016). The review and prospects of China's Human and Economic Geography: The overview of "High level forum of the development of Chinese Human and Economic Geography under the background of change". Acta Geographica Sinica , 71 (8): 1456- 1471.
  • SUN Dongqi, CHEN Mingxing CHEN Yufu et al.(2016) . China's new-type urbanization and investment demand prediction analysis, 2015-2030. Acta Geographica Sinica, 71(6): 1025-1044.
  • CHEN Mingxing, LI Yang, GONG Yinghua et al (2016). The population distribution and trend of urbanization pattern on two sides of Hu Huanyong population line: A tentative response to Premier Li Keqiang. Acta Geographica Sinica, 71(2): 179-193.
  • CAI Yunlong, YE Chao, MA Laurence, et al, CHEN Mingxing et al(2016). Knowledge as action: Marxist geography and its development in China. Geographical Research, 35 (7): 1205-1229.
  • Chen Mingxing,Lu Dadao,Gong Yinghua(2016). The Pattern and Regional Type of China’s‘New Normal’from the View of Economic Geography. Scientia Geographica Sinica, 36(7):965-972.
  • LU Dadao, WANG Zheng, FENG Zhiming et al, Chen Mingxing*(invited convener) (2016). Academic debates on Hu Huanyong population line. GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH, 35(5): 805-824.
  • Sun Dongqi, Liu Weidong, Chen Mingxing(*)(2016).Pole-Axis System Theory and Its Application in China’s Practice. ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY,36(3):1-8.
  • Dadao LU,Mingxing CHEN(2015). Several viewpoints on the background of compiling the "National New Urbanization Planning (2014-2020)". Acta Geographica Sinica, 70(2): 179-185.
  • Mingxing CHEN. Research progress and scientific issues in the field of urbanization(2015). GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH, 34(4): 614-630.
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  • Chen Mingxing (2011) Accelerating Urbanization Should not Become the National Strategic Choice during“the 12th Five - year Plan”Period: A Discussion with Professor CHEN Yu-he. China Soft Science 3.
  • Chen Mingxing, Lu Dadao, Liu Hui (2010) The Provincial Pattern of the Relationship between China's Urbanization and Economic Development. Acta Geographica Sinica
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Book Chapters

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