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Marta Giannichi Marta Giannichi

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School of Geography
University of Leeds
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Leeds LS2 9JT   UK



Project title

On-site evaluation of conservation incentives for private lands in Brazil: a bottom-up approach to assess landholders’ decision making process

Project overview

Land use regulations towards conservation of tropical forests have long been the subject of heated debates about its real effectiveness in promoting forest conservation. In Brazil, a combination of regulation, positive incentives and supply chain interventions have been key to contribute to a significant deforestation decrease in the past few years and the new Forest Code establishes a promising compensation scheme (named CRA) that could potentially create a new market for area compensation in tropical forests endeavouring conservation. However, little is known about how public regulations affect directly landholders’ decision-making process. Here, we explore the context of successful strategies targeting conservation of tropical forests on private lands, highlighting a specific study case in Brazil previewed in its legal forestry framework (Brazilian Forest Code) from the perspective of different landholders. For this study, it is proposed an in situ and thorough assessment of how a potential CRA market is perceived by landholders of different property sizes within the state of Mato Grosso, as these landholders have distinctive characteristic such as land tenancy, socioeconomic profile, access to information, infrastructure and financial incentives. Additionally, it will be assessed how different emerging agreements that incentivize forest conservation are co-related with the implementation of CRA in Mato Grosso, and investigated potential impacts of CRA on carbon and biodiversity to critically assess possible environmental co-benefits. 



CNPq – Science without Boarders – Brazilian Federal Government Sponsorship