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Katie McQuaid Dr Katie McQuaid

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Katie is an anthropologist currently working on gender, violence, education, intergenerational relationships and responsibilities, environmental and climate change and sustainability, and community activism in urban Uganda. Her work creatively combines social science and participatory arts-based methodologies. 

Her doctoral work focused upon violence, humanitarianism and human rights amongst refugees from violent conflict. She conducted two years' ethnographic fieldwork in Uganda (2011-2012) with refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo. This research explored the practices of Congolese human rights defenders and the complex persecution and marginalisation of refugees on the basis of their sexual orienation and gender identity.


McQuaid, K. (2017) ‘There is violence across, in all arenas’: Listening to stories of violence amongst sexual minority refugees in Uganda. The International Journal for Human Rights.

McQuaid, K. and J. Plastow (2017) Ethnography, applied theatre and stiwanism: Creative methods in search of praxis amongst men and women in Jinja, Uganda. Journal of International Development.

McQuaid, K., R.M. Vanderbeck, G. Valentine, C. Liu, L. Chen, M. Zhang, K. Diprose (2018) Urban climate change, livelihood vulnerability and narratives of generational responsibility in Jinja, Uganda. Africa 88(1).

McQuaid, K., R.M. Vanderbeck, J. Plastow, G. Valentine, C. Liu, L. Chen, M. Zhang and K. Diprose (2017) Intergenerational Community-Based Research and Creative Practice: Promoting Environmental Sustainability in Jinja, Uganda....

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