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Project title

Transmigrasi, Ethnic Revivalism and Power Relations in Lampung, Indonesia

Project overview

Transmigrasi which is academically and commonly known as transmigration recently play a significant impact on the ethnic revivalism and power relations particularly in Lampung, Indonesia. Transmigration was a policy which was implemented by Dutch colonial and Soeharto for moving people from Java Island to less populated Island such as Sumatera, Kalimantan and Papua in order to relieve the poverty. In the Dutch colonial era, transmigration program was familiarly known as the kolonisatie. Currently, transmigration program has been affecting number of the population of native people of Lampung or Lampungnese, the latest survey revealed that the Lampungnese is a minority ethnic in their homeland. Thus, the ethnic coalition for instance becoming oen of the important strategy used by the Lampungese to survive in local election. As the result, The Lampungnese pair or coalition between Lampungnese-Javanese ethnic won more than 60 percent of the Pilkada. In addition, this is a qualitative research by using a case study methods, in-depth interview and focus group discussion with several key informants will be primary data while the secondary data will be gathered from journals, books and articles.  The purposes of this research, To reveal and analyse the impact of kolonisatie and transmigrasi program upon the construction of ethnic revivalism and power relations in Lampung.


My research objectives are:

1.  What are the impact beyond the Transmigrasi Program toward the emergence of ethnic revivalism and the local power relations in Lampung? How does the construction of power relations in Lampung?

2. What is the formulation of political ethnic groups in Lampung, how do they (Lampungese) manage the power? How does the revival of ethnic identity affects the local power in Lampung?

3. Why and How Lampungese control the local power? In fact, that they are minority in their homeland, how does the power relations in Lampung? And how do they manage and construct the power coalition with other ethnics?


Oliver Fritsch

Paul Waley

Research Affiliations

City and Social Justice


Directorate General Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia

Conferences/training courses attended

International conference on Sustainable Future and Human Security, 2013, Kyoto-Japan

Research publications


Sustain Conference, Kyoto, 2013 


1. SUSTAIN Conference at Kyoto University in 2013

2. PGR Conference, School of Geography, University of Leeds in 2015

2. ASEASUK Conference at SOAS University of London in 2016