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Martin Sullivan Dr Martin Sullivan

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Room Garstang 10.14
School of Geography
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 31039

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Research Fellow

Research overview

My research investigates how tropical forests respond to global change by analysing pan-tropical patterns in forest dynamics. I work on the TForces project, which brings together a large network of collaborators to construct a Pan-Tropical Observatory of Forest Function.

My previous work focused on modelling the spread and impacts of non-native species and understanding the drivers of change in UK bird communities.


Sullivan MJP, Pearce-Higgins JW, Newson SE, Scholefield P, Brereton T, Oliver TH (2017) A national-scale model of linear features improves predictions of farmland biodiversity. Journal of Applied Ecology DOI:10.1111/1365-2664.12912 

Sullivan MJP, Talbot J, Lewis SL, Phillips OL et al. (2017) Diversity and carbon storage across the tropical forest biome. Scientific Reports 7: 39102

Sullivan MJP, Newson SE, Pearce-Higgins JW (2016) Changing densities of generalist species underlie apparent homogenization of UK bird communities. Ibis 158: 645-655

Sullivan MJP, Thomsen MA, Suttle KB (2016) Grassland responses to increased rainfall depend on the timescale of forcing. Global Change Biology 22: 1655-1665

Sullivan MJP, Davies RG, Mossman HL, Franco AMA (2015) An anthropogenic habitat facilitates the establishment of non-native birds by providing underexploited resources. PLoS One 10: e0135833

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