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School of Geography


On these pages you will find all the information you need as a member of staff in the School of Geography.

Faculty organisation

The School of Geography, along with the School of Earth & Environment & the Institute of Transport Studies comprise the Faculty of Environment, one of the nine academic faculties within the University of Leeds.

The Faculty of Environment has varying degrees of cross-constituency committees as well as other more local committees with reporting functions at School, Faculty and University level. Currently within the School of Geography we host several Faculty appointments including the Pro-Dean for Research, and the Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow.

School organisation

At School level, Steering Group meets bi-monthly to advise Head of School on policy and strategic issues, whilst the Core Team meet weekly to take operational decisions concerning the day-to-day running of the School. We also have committees for: Health & Safety; Student Education; Research; IT & Web, Lab Users etc., in addition to regular academic staff forums and support staff meetings.

Three times a year all the staff get together for an all School meeting.


Green impact

The School of Geography is committed to improving its environmental sustainability through the 
Green Impact initiative