Special Sessions

Bridges between Geography and Economics: Lessons from Modeling Perspectives

Session coordinators: J. Raimbault (University Paris 7), B. Carantino (Paris School of Economics)


As Krugman points out, space is for Economic Geography the final frontier, whereas Geographical analyses are somehow far from an advanced integration of economical concepts. What are the existing and potential links? Is there unsurmountable epistemic divergences making bridging approaches irrelevant? For example, the assumptions regarding equilibrium, but also the concepts of equilibrium itself in each discipline may be irreconciliable. This session aims at giving element of answers from a modeling perspective. It is open to case studies of models at the interface and from both disciplines, integrating both elements of spatial analysis and geosimulation together with concepts and methods from economics. It is also open to theoretical or conceptual contributions, in order to bring a broader point of view. An alternative way to study the question is through quantitative epistemology studies, in order to extract empirical endogenous information on the modeling practices themselves. The diversity of views will shed light on potential enrichments on both sides, but also on recurrent difficulties and epistemological divergences, as should illustrate the study of the same objects from totally different perspectives.

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Alan Wilson Plenary

This year the conference will be organising a plenary session in honour of the work of Professor Sir Alan Wilson. If you are interested in contributing to the plenary, please contact Mark Birkin.