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Geog5060 2006

Andy Turner


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There are two things I really want you to get out of this component of GEOG5060 . I want you to think about geomorphometrics and how they might be useful. I want you to learn from a collaborative research and teaching exercise.

I want you to work as individuals, in groups, or en masse to produce a report on a use of geomorphometrics. Ideally you will write up a set of exploratory experiments on the use of geomorphometrics using the Grids Software .

I want you to keep track of your individual involvement in the collaboration by writing a blog on a web page. Although slightly unusual, I encourage you to put your names against a single document for which you will get the same mark. You may however submit a seperate report if you feel this is best. If you do submit a document on your own please try to explain why.


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See the Who are we? section for other communications. Hopefully you will communicate a lot!


This powerpoint file contains the slides and accompanying notes from the lecture
If you missed the lecture please look through the slides and accompanying notes and talk with and email your course mates to find out what is going on.

This zip file contains all that is needed for the practical
If you missed the practical please download the zip file and unpack it and read the readme file. Hopefully you can follow the instructions and everything will work no problem.

This word document describes the assignment
The assignment is to be assessed and contribute as 10% to your overall mark for this module. Another project is to contribute 50%. If you would like these to be one and the same thing you will need to negotiate with Steve.

Andy Turner's geomorphometrics research interests page

2006 Feedback


There are various software that generate geomorphometrics. Examples of such software include:

Who Are We?

Click here to email GEOG5060 class of 2006

The following is a list that links to further information about each individual and their involvement in geomorphometrics research for GEOG5060. For each individual we have a name linked to their web Home Page (if they have bothered to create one), an email address link, and a course identifier or descripiton.


  1. Setting up our Collaborative Working Environment

    1. Please sign up for a web page via the following URL if you have not already done so: . Please sign up ASAP as this takes a day.
    2. Please write your blogs to do with GEOG5060 collaboration on a separate page and link it from your Home Page. It would help if we could give this a standard name, so please create a new directory called GEOG5060 and add a HTML page called blog.html. For instance Dimitrios blog would be at the following URL:
    3. Think about organising into groups and record your workflow. This is similar to what is going on with this web page... Can you come up with something that will help us have a better platform for next year? Is there a task you might be good at that you can do and share the howto knowledge?

Questions and Answers

  1. Question: With regard Task 1 Item 1: I don't understand what this is about - do we all need our own website, or is this so we can all access one website? Sorry, I'm somewhat techno-ignorant.

    Answer: Yes, we all need our own website. If you follow the instructions you should get one.

  2. Question: Where is the source code for Grids/Geomorphometrics?

    The release directory containing Grids software bundles.
    The point of release for Grids software bundles.
    The release directory containing Geomorphometrics software bundles.
    The point of release for Geomorphometrics software bundles.

  3. Question: I have a error to do with disc quota what can I do?

    The program writes some temporary swap files to a default location which is the directory where it was run from. If you unpack the zip file in C:\Temp and run from there, you should be a lot better off. In order to do this you need to change some file paths in the java code and recompile it. I think the instructions on how to do this are in the readme file.

  4. Question: My results are not what I expected... Is something wrong with the software?

    The asciifiles generated are flipped upside down owing to a bug in the code... Use the ArcGIS flip command to generate the right results. This problem is fixed in the latest version of the code...

  5. Question: My results are upside down. What should I do?

    The asciifiles generated by GRids are flipped upside down owing to a bug in the code... Use the ArcGIS flip command to generate the right results or fix the bug if you feel you can. The problem has been fixed in the latest version of the code in any case...


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