Class DatabaseViewer


public class DatabaseViewer
extends java.awt.Panel
implements java.awt.event.ActionListener

The database to be viewed

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
 java.awt.MenuBar menuBar1
Fields inherited from class java.awt.Component
Constructor Summary
          Creates new form DatabaseViewer
Method Summary
 void actionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent p1)
          handles the actions of the menubar - feel free to use a different one if you prefer
 void addGeography( t)
 void displayData()
 Database getDatabase()
 java.awt.MenuBar getMenuBar()
          allows the frame using the viewer to have the menu bar
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
          A simple test program for development work
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Field Detail


public java.awt.MenuBar menuBar1
Constructor Detail


public DatabaseViewer()
Creates new form DatabaseViewer
Method Detail


public void actionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent p1)
handles the actions of the menubar - feel free to use a different one if you prefer
Specified by:
actionPerformed in interface java.awt.event.ActionListener
p1 - the event


public java.awt.MenuBar getMenuBar()
allows the frame using the viewer to have the menu bar
the menubar


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
A simple test program for development work
args - could be extended to read from command line


public void displayData()


public Database getDatabase()


public void addGeography( t)