Class ImageExporter

  extended by
      extended by
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public class ImageExporter
extends ErrorHandler

Class for exporting to images.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
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handleOutOfMemoryErrorFalse, handleOutOfMemoryErrorTrue, memoryReserve
Constructor Summary
          Creates a new instance of ImageExporter
Method Summary
 void toGreyScaleImage(Grid2DSquareCellAbstract grid2DSquareCell, file, java.lang.String type)
          Writes this grid as a Grey scale image
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clearMemoryReserve, initMemoryReserve, initMemoryReserve
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Constructor Detail


public ImageExporter()
Creates a new instance of ImageExporter

Method Detail


public void toGreyScaleImage(Grid2DSquareCellAbstract grid2DSquareCell,
                             java.lang.String type)
Writes this grid as a Grey scale image

file - The File exported to.
type - The name of the type of image to be written e.g. "png", "jpeg" TODO: need different toImage methods based on grid (see end of method)