Research Interests

Andy Turner


Andy is generally interested in methods for describing, modelling and analysing the Earth and the processes that interact in the ever expanding humanosphere ( - the space-time region that humans influence).

There is a growing belief that something has to be done to control socio-economic systems else environmental concequences could be catastrophic to a great deal of life on Earth. Although nature is likely to redress balance, what are the likely costs? Arguably, there is much that can and should be done to mitigate climate change impacts and preserve, conserve and sustain environments and habitats for future generations to enjoy.

Andy's main research interest is the development and application of tools for analysing, visualising and disseminating geographical information. In particular, he is interested in developing geographical analysis tools for generalising and exploring data at higher levels of spatial, temporal and attribute detail for larger geographical regions. Patterns of geographic phenomena are reflected differently at different temporal and spatial scales. What scales are important and how can they be focussed on?

What geographical data is collected? What of this is available? Under what usage constraints? How can the discovery of data be automated? What standards should we use dissemniate geographical information? What is data error and uncertainty and how can it be measured? How can we preserve data provenance? How best can we archive and structure, assimilate and disseminate geographical information?

Specific Research Interests


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