Introduction to coding

Computers are ubiquitous in modern life. You're probably carrying one with you now in your phone and in your bank card.

Programming is now an important skill beyond being a computer programmer, and is useful for anyone dealing with any kind of data or communication, from accountants to zoologists.

These pages introduce coding. They take you through:

  1. what learning to code gives you;
  2. writing your first program;
  3. what can possibly go wrong + summary;
  4. talking to a computer + switches example;
  5. how programming languages work;
  6. picking a language + summary;
  7. what's inside a typical language;
  8. building a program;
  9. other stuff it's useful to know;
  10. contact info + example code from these pages.

Clicking this symbol: [ << ] at the top of each page will bring you back here if you want to use the list above to navigate, but each page will end with a link to the next.


Ready? Great. Then let's get started with what learning to code gives you.