Motivating Student Personal Development Planning

Linking student performance development planning to employability

This site is created for use by all HE tutors and students in all subjects. It is designed to enhance the use of personal development planning amongst HE students through the use of current performance and review documentation used by a range of companies. A broad range of companies and organisations have collaborated in sharing their materials. This is on the understanding that when their materials are used with students the organisation concerned will be acknowledged.

This site has four sections.

1. Student Activities - Activities for use in individual, small or large group sessions working on reflection and personal development planning skills. Most of these draw directly on the company materials, some draw on more theoretical material (see for example sessions on self-regulated learning). They follow a consistent Tutor Notes and Student Materials format. They should be self-contained and easily reproduced from Word documents. The intention is for tutors to cut and paste the Student Materials section to their own handouts. The Tutor Notes gives information on running the session. All activities are suitable for use in 1 hour or shorter sessions usually following student preparation. Some exercises can be used as follow up session

2. Portfolio Pages - Examples of pages that could be used in departmental or institutional Personal Planning Portfolios which incorporate the company materials. These include appropriate acknowledgement to the organisations involved. Cut and paste into your own PDP, handouts, end of class or module reviews. Essentially these are template examples for adapting your own materials.

3. Company Performance Development Plans - Original documentation from the companies who have collaborated in the project. These materials including a brief company description are reproduced directly and presented in html and Word formats for downloading and use.

4. Links - to sites that are concerned with Personal Development Planning materials for HE students

Please use the materials to suit your own needs. Adapt them and develop them. This site works on the basis that sharing materials freely means people do not need to reinvent wheels. Use the activities with your students; adapt reflection materials in a module or end of year reviews to incorporate these resources. It is only necessary to acknowledge the business or organisation materials with students.

For further information please contact: This site and case materials were written by Prof Pauline Kneale, School of Geography, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT with support from Sam Aspinall and funding from the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme. Materials may used in HE subject to acknowledging the business / organisation sources appropriately. Please as a courtesy email when you use the materials (together with suggestions to adapt and enhance this resource, criticisms and outcomes) so we can evaluate use. Thank you

Prof Pauline Kneale, School of Geography, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT
Pro-Dean for Learning and Teaching, National Teaching Fellow