Student Activities

Personal Development Activities for HE Students

1 Enhancing understanding of PDP through interviews with workplace users -
4 Activities.

How businesses manage staff development?
Creating a PDP for a small business
Exploring personal experiences of PDP in the workplace
Assessment Option

2 Interview with Matthew Cooper Bradford MDC v

3 Interview with Anne Headley, Avenade

4 Interview with Claire Bickerdike, Save the Children

5 Creating personal development plans – two activities:
What does a Development Plan look like?
Comparing your current practice with company procedures at Woolworths or HBOS
Personal Development: Reviewing a year, the CRAC approach

6 Promoting reflective writing for PDP - two activities.
Self-regulated learning - how do you complete academic activities?
Reflecting on personal experience with Avenade
How do I learn? Reflecting on personal experience with Avenade 8

7 PDP Activities related to goal setting - four activities
Goal setting for a project, module, placement or semester using BAE Systems planners
Reviewing performance against goals using Woolworth’s criteria
Incidents and achievements, preparation for interviews
with Bradford Metropolitan District Council
Assessing personal competencies with BNFL, preparing for interviews.

8 Planning for the longer term - 2 activities
Setting longer-term goals using BAE Systems planner
Valuing your degree skills, preparing for interviews with BNFL

9 Career Development - 3 Activities
Planning for the Future using Somerfield’s template
How will you be managed? Research and reflection based on Avenade / Bradford MDC's / Environment Agency’s approach

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