Annual or Semester planning using Somerfield Personal Development Plan


This Page in your PDP has been adapted from the Development Plan used with staff working at Somerfield. It has been reproduced with permission from Somerfield.The original material can be viewed at The pages are taken verbatim from the Somerfield documentation wih some words added in green to help a student adapt it for their purpose. You may want to tailor it further for your needs.



Personal Development Plan


Name :

Date Plan Agreed:

Line Manager / Tutor:


Review Date:


1. Goals and Plans for the next 12 months /semester

Business objectives / Academic objectives:






Personal objectives:








2. Strengths

Identify here from performance reviews and feedback the strengths that you and others have identified. Consider how these might be developed yet further and also how these might help you or others to develop.


Action Planned

Support Required

















3. Development Opportunities

Describe from your performance reviews (Tutorial and other sources of feedback) )and feedback the key development opportunities that have been identified by yourself and others. Consider how you will work to develop these remembering to use your knowledge of your preferred learning style.


Action Planned

Support Required

































4. Development - Career

Start thinking now about at least the next career step you might take. What role would you want to be appointed to next and why? Consider the qualities and skills required to be successful in this role. You may wish to consider short term goals for summer vacation internships or placements as well as longer term ambitions

Career ambition:



Skills and qualities required:





Describe the action required to develop toward this role. How will you achieve these goals in the next semester / year

Action Required

Support Required




















Agreed by Name:

Line Manager / Tutor: