Introduction to coding

Computers are ubiquitous in modern life. You're probably carrying one with you now in your phone and in your bank card.

Understanding how computers work gives people:

  1. confidence when things go wrong with technology;
  2. understanding of issues such as personal data privacy;
  3. the ability to determine the suitable technology to use to solve problems.

Understanding how to control computers:

  1. gives people a more powerful toolset than standard software;
  2. helps develop problem analysis skills;
  3. opens up a wide range of careers.

Programming is now an important skill beyond being a computer programmer, and is useful for anyone dealing with any kind of data or communication, from accountants to zoologists.

The pages are broadly written for adults, but some include text displayed like this that you can cut and paste for worksheets etc.

Ready? Great. Then let's get started with what learning to code gives you.