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Janoschka, M. & L.S. Arreortua (2017): Peripheral urbanisation in Mexico City. A comparative analysis of uneven social and material geographies in low-income housing estates. In: Habitat International 70: 43-49.

Ruth Holliday, Olive Cheung, Ji Hyun Cho & David Bell (2017) ‘Trading faces: the Korean Look and medical nationalism in cosmetic surgery tourism to South Korea’, Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 58 (2), 190-202.

David Bell (2017) 'Representations of public sex in crime, media and popular culture', Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology & Criminal Justice (online)

Johnson, P. and Vanderbeck, R.M. (2017) Sexual orientation equality and religious exceptionalism in the law of the United Kingdom: the role of the Church of England. Oxford Journal of Law and Religion.

David Bell, Joanne Hollows & Steve Jones (2017) 'Campaigning culinary documentaries and the responsibilization of food crises', Geoforum 84: 179-187.

Deirdre Conlon, Nancy Hiemstra and Alison Mountz (2017) Spatial Control: Geographical Approaches to the Study of Immigration Detention. The paper is published as part of Geneva-based research centre, the Global Detention Project's working paper series, and is available online here.

Katie McQuaid, Robert Vanderbeck, Jane Plastow, Gill Valentine, Chen Liu, Lily Chen, Mei Zhang & Kristina Diprose (2017) Intergenerational Community-Based Research and Creative Practice: Promoting Environmental Sustainability in Jinja, Uganda.  Journal of Intergenerational Relationships 15(4): 389-410. See here

Alexandri, G. & M. Janoschka (2017) Who Loses and Who Wins in a Housing Crisis? - Lessons From Spain and Greece for a Nuanced Understanding of Dispossession. Housing Policy Debate 27.

Jayne, M, Hubbard, P and Bell, D (2017) Twin Cities: Territorial and Relational Urbanism, in Hannigan, J and Richards, G (eds) The Sage Handbook of New Urban Studies, London: Sage, 63-77

Bell, D. (2017) ‘Allergic to the twentieth century: intentional communities and therapeutic landscapes in The Village and Safe’, Architecture & Culture, 5 (1), 41-56 

Cabrera Pacheco, A. (2017). Primitive accumulation in indigenous Mexico: The contested transformations of the Maya solar of Yucatán. City.

Chatterton, P. (2016) Building transitions to post-capitalist urban commons. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers DOI:10.1111/tran.12139

Stevenson, F., Baborska-Narozny, M., and Chatterton, P. (2016) Resilience, redundancy and low-carbon living: co-producing individual and community learning. Building Research & Information DOI:10.1080/09613218.2016.1207371

Conlon, D. (2017) Immigration enforcement, asylum and economic value in Trump's first 100 days. Society and Space open site, available here.

Darby, S. (2017), Making space for co-produced research ‘impact’: learning from a participatory action research case study. Area. DOI: 10.1111/area.12321

Gonzalez, S, Oosterlynck, S, Ribera Fumaz, R and Rossi, U (2017) Locating the global financial crisis: variegated neoliberalisation in four European cities. Territory, Politics, Governance. 

Pariyar, B. & Lovett, J.C. (2016) Dalit identity in urban Pokhara, Nepal. Geoforum.

McLauchlan, A. (2017) Within and Outwith: Cristina Lucas’ ‘001-100’. In: Gray, K. ed. Towards a city observatory: constellations of art, collaboration and locality. Edinburgh: Collective. pp. 65-72.

Alex Schafran, Giorgia Aiello, Theresa Enright & Yohann Le Moigne, “Rendering a Redeveloped France”, Metropolitics, 7 June 2017. See here. This piece, which will be published as well in French, is a product of work done by students in GEOG 3820 (Research Placement).

Johnson, P. and Vanderbeck, R.M. (2017) Sacred spaces, sacred words: religion and same-sex marriage in England and Wales. Journal of Law and Society. 44(2): 228-54 DOI: 10.1111/jols.12024 

Wu, Q., Zhang, X., and Waley, P. (2016) When Neil Smith met Pierre Bourdieu in Nanjing, China: bringing cultural capital into rent gap theory. Housing Studies DOI:10.1080/02673037.2016.1228849

Yanpeng, J., Waley, P., and Gonzalez, S. (2016) Shanghai swings: the Hongqiao project and competitive urbanism in the Yangzi River Delta. Environment and Planning A DOI:10.1177/0308518X16652897

Wu Q. and P. Waley (2017) Configuring growth coalitions among the projects of urban aggrandizement in Kunming, Southwest China. Urban Geography DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2017.1314171 

Zebracki M. (in press) Urban Preservation and the Queerying Spaces of (Un)remembering: Memorial Landscapes of the Miami Beach Art Deco Historic District. Urban Studies.

Zebracki M. (in press) Regenerating a Coastal Town Through Art: Dismaland and the (L)imitations of Antagonistic Art Practice in the City. Cities. 

Zebracki M. (in press) Queerying Public Art in Digitally Networked Space. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies.

Zebracki M, Sumner A, Speight A (2017) (Re)Making Public Campus Art: Connecting the University, Publics and the City. Public Art Dialogue 7(1): 6–43. 50 free author eprints here.