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School of Geography

River Basin Processes & Management

We provide international leadership in understanding and managing environmental processes and feedbacks that control and link water, sediment, solute and biotic dynamics in river basins, estuaries and marine systems.  We are particularly renowned for our research strengths in peatland science, glacial and ice-marginal systems, hillslope processes, and water resource management. 

Our expertise falls across four major disciplines:

1. Hydrology and hydraulics

  • Hillslope hydrology, soil water, river hydraulics, shallow groundwater, natural flood management.

2. Geomorphology

  • Soil erosion, hillslope and river sediment flux, peatland processes, 3D modelling.

3. Biogeochemistry

  • Carbon and nitrogen cycling, metals, emerging contaminants including pharmaceuticals, isotopes.

4. Aquatic ecosystems

  • Biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, invasive species, macroinvertebrates, Water Framework Directive (WFD).

5. Glaciology

  • Glacier dynamics, glacial landforms, outburst floods, surface energy balance modelling.

As part of water@leeds we develop and use innovative observational science, field and laboratory experiments and modelling approaches in interdisciplinary research projects across the globe.  See the links to the right for our staff profiles, examples of current projects, recent newsPhD opportunities and postdoctoral fellowships.