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Integration of Emergency Management System in development; multi- criteria mapping in Oman

Start date: October 2014

Project overview

The Climate change predicted to increase frequency and severity of cyclones, which can lead to large scale disasters if there is insufficient preparedness. Oman affected by cyclones which can cause a big major destructive impact on infrastructures and result in human losses. The study will construct a multi-criteria map showing potential risk and vulnerability to infrastructures and population in Oman in order to better visualize vulnerability and propose adaptation.

The dissertation will use a case study of the last two cyclones to affect Oman (Cyclone Gonu 2007, and Cyclone Phet 2010), and their impact using GIS and Multi- Criteria tools to develop  a model that can be applied in future events.


The study will elucidate ways to support decision makers in planning, preparing and mitigating future hazard events in order to minimize casualties and infrastructure damage.This study will be of value to the country, through providing adaptation measures and mitigation plans for future hazard events. It will present means to lessen uncontrolled impacts of such events on the study area infrastructure, and will direct policy makers to appropriate courses of action and decisions. An output of the research will be guidelines for policy makers to use as Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) during future hazards.


  • Prof Jon Lovett
  • Dr Gordon Mitchell

Research Affiliations


 Sultanate of Oman Government


  • Heriot-Watt University, Scotland –UK, MSc- Water Resource Management, Sep 2009
    Dissertation title: (method of selection the suitable water treatment process during Emergency and disasters).
  • Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman,B.Sc. in Geology May 1999
    Dissertation title: (Field mapping to create a comprehensive geological map of Aydim area)

Work experience

  • Working as water well drilling engineer  in Public Health department  from 2008 -2014
    Assuring the efficient operations of the Government water resources.
    Lead and supervise multi skill personal to maximize productivity.
    Plan for the annual program of the section, assess, and analyze the quarterly progress report.
    Manage all the water recourses Data and create the necessary update which help on creating the necessary reposts.
  • Working as water well drilling supervisor 2003 to 2008
  • Working with OMAN government (Engineering Services) as a geologist in the Public Health Department. , since 11/3/2000.