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School of Geography
University of Leeds
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Project title

Land grabbing and land concentration in Europe

Project overview

This research focuses on land concentration and grabbing in Europe, it aims at building a solid analytical knowledge base to describing the magnitude of the phenomena, unveiling their policy and economic driving forces and assessing potential impacts on Europe's land regime. The key questions are the following: a) How large and intense are the phenomena? b) What are the economic, social and policy drivers? c) What is their potential magnitude in the medium term? d) What are the foreseeable impacts on Europe's land regime? e) What are the likely consequences for important sustainability concerns, such as food security, energy security, resilience to climate change and sustaining viable rural communities?


Conceptually this study will further our understanding of the land grab phenomenon in a European context. Empirically, this study will create an up-to-date, carefully verified, public (i.e. internet accessible) database on land concentration and grabbing within the 28 countries of the European Union (some candidate members might also be included but greater problems in data collection are anticipated in countries like Moldova and Ukraine). This database will be used to develop three analytical activities; a) mapping of the phenomena, b) identifying drivers, and c) assessing magnitude and impact. The data will be analysed at multiple spatial scales (region, country, cross-boundary), with a time horizon ranging from the present to the medium term, including efforts to extrapolate trends and examine future scenarios.


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  • Quantitative and special methods
  • Qualitative and special methods
  • Action research in Urban context

Short Curriculum Vitae

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Research publications

  1. Performances IPAF small projects; February 2015 – IFAD
  2. IPAF small projects Desk review; November 2011 – IFAD
  3. Partnership in progress: 2010-2011. Report to the global meeting of the Farmers’ Forum in conjunction with the Governing Council of IFAD 15-16, February 2010 - IFAD.
  4. Partnership in progress: 2008-2009. Report to the global meeting of the Farmers’ Forum in conjunction with the Thirty-third Session of the Governing Council of IFAD 15-16, February 2010 - IFAD