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Robert Pheasant Dr Robert Pheasant

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Room 10.09 Garstang
School of Geography
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK


+44 (0) 113 34 33330

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Research overview

Research overview

Dr Rob Pheasant is a Lecturer in Environmental Geography. His research interests include landscape character appraisal, environmental acoustics and energy use within the urban water-cycle. In particular he is interested in the water-energy nexus and how cities can sustainably reconnect with their hinterland in terms of the natural resources that they take from it. He has supervised a variety of postgraduate research projects including: investigating strategies for aquifer recharge on Barbados; options for managing pluvial flooding on residential development sites, and modelling energy use within the urban water cycle.  



Latest publications

  • Greg Watts, Rob Pheasant and Amir Khan (2016). Noise and disturbance caused by vehicles crossing cattle grids: comparison of installations. Applied Acoustics, 116, 87-93,  
  • Greg Watts, Amir Khan and Rob Pheasant (2016). Influence of soundscape and interior design on anxiety and perceived tranquillity of patients in a healthcare setting. Applied Acoustics, 104, 135-141.
  • Robert J. Pheasant and Greg R. Watts (2015). Towards predicting wildness in the United Kingdom. Landscape and Urban Planning, 113, 87-97.
  • Watts G. R. and Pheasant R. (2015) Identifying tranquil environments and quantifying impacts. Applied Acoustics 89 122-127.
  • Watts G. R and Pheasant R. (2015) Tranquillity in the Scottish Highlands and Dartmoor National Park – The importance of soundscapes and emotional factors. Applied Acoustics 89 297-305
  • R. J. Pheasant., M. N. Fisher., G. R. Watts., K. V. Horoshenkov. (2010) The importance of auditory-visual interaction in the construction of tranquil space. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 30, 501-509
  • M.D.Hunter, S.B. Eickhoff, R.J.Pheasant, et al (2010). The state of tranquillity: Subjective perception is shaped by contextual modulation of auditory connectivity. NeuroImage 53(2), 611-618

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