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University of Leeds
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Research overview

Dr Ma is an Associate Professor in Human Geography and Director of the Geography Department of Ningbo University, Zhejiang, P. R.C. He is currently a Visiting Research Fellow (working with Dr Paul Waley) at the School of Geography, University of Leeds. He has so far mainly concentrated on China's creative clusters and their role in urban restructuring and on policies and implementation of new-type urbanization. His research grows out of a strong focus on specific geographic settings in China. He is also increasingly interested in the evolution of urban settlements, gentrification, the maritime economy and policy mobilities in the Yangtze...


Mohabir Nalini, Jiang Yanpeng,Ma Renfeng.2017 Chinese floating migrants: Rural-urban migrant labourers' intentions to stay or return. HABITAT INTERNATIONAL, 60: 101-110, DOI: 10.1016/j.habitatint.2016.12.008

Ma Renfeng,Wang Tengfei,Zhang Wenzhong,et al. 2016 Overview and progress of Chinese geographical human settlement research. JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES, 26(8):1159-1175, DOI: 10.1007/s11442-016-1320-1

Liu Zhiyong,Pan Shaoming,Sun, Zhuyou,MA Renfeng. 2015 Heavy metal spatial variability and historical changes in the Yangtze River estuary and North Jiangsu tidal flat.MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN, 98: 115-129, DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2015.07.006

Liu Zhiyong,Pan Shaoming,Yin Yong,MA Renfeng .2013 Reconstruction of the historical deposition environment from Pb-210 and Cs-137 records at two tidal flats in China.ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING, 61: 303-315 ,DOI: 10.1016/j.ecoleng.2013.09.029

He Chunhua,Ma Renfeng, Xu Benan,et al. 2017 Transform of ningbo hefeng cotton mill' s industrial heritage under the concept of cultural and creative space. Industrial Construction, 47(1):50-55.(何春花,马仁锋,徐本安,王腾飞,吴丹丹,张舵.鉴于文化创意空间理念的宁波和丰纱场工业遗产改造.工业建筑,2017(1):50-55.)

MA Ren - feng, NI Xin - xin, ZHANG Wen - zhong,et...

Current projects

  • 2018-2021, Research the coastal urban human settlements evolution mechanism based on the industry restructuring:case of Ningbo and Zhoushan (supported by NSFC,Grant number41771174)
  • 2017-2019, Research of local Shipbuilding Industrial enterprise cluster upgrading mechnism on Global R&D Networks:case from the Yangtze River Delta (supported by Zhejiang provincial natural science foundation,Grant numberLY17D010002)
  • 2014-2016, The Impacts Mechanism of Creative Industries on Reconstruction of Urban Space:Taking Shanghai,Hangzhou and Ningbo as Examples(supported by NSFC,Grant number41301110)

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